Friendly Disclaimer

Some of the posts on this blog, both journalism and research, include accounts of sights and sites, or use photographs of them. Information about these places is given, and sometimes they are explicitly or implicitly recommended. These are only our opinions, however, and cannot be relied on as a basis for travel or any other action.

Travel information can be out of date almost as soon as it is gathered, and it is not the policy of this blog to update the information in the posts. These posts are mainly accounts of events that occurred, not entries in a guidebook.

Additionally, even though we spend a great deal of time checking our facts, errors may still occur – we may be very conscientious, but we’re only human. We do not always check statements made by other people, which are included for interest, colour and whatever expertise they may bring. Equally, their opinions may not be the same as ours.

Finally, the opinions and recommendations expressed here are based on our personal preferences, interests and foibles. They may well not be the same as yours.

For all these reasons it is vital that you make your own checks on the suitability, for your own purposes and preferences, of any of the destinations or activities described or recommended here. We recommend double checking any information with other sources, and preferably with the local destination or activity provider as well.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that you get expert advice on matters relating to permissions, health, safety, money, property, the law and any other similarly important matters affecting your decisions.

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