Some of the following abbreviations date from WW2, and appear in excerpts from archive documents. Others are used in the text of the articles on to save space when, for example, unit names are repeated.

2 i/c – Second in Command (deputy)

AA – Anti-aircraft (fire)

AAA – Anti-aircraft Artillery

A/C – Aircraft

AD – Airborne Division, as in 1 AD

ADMS – Assistant Director Medical Services

ADS – Advance Dressing Station (as opposed to MDS)

AFHQ – Allied Forces Headquarters

AFPU – Army Film & Photographic Unit (British)

1 ALB – 1st Air Landing Brigade

AOC – Air Officer Commanding

1 BR – 1st Battalion the Border Regiment

CCP – Company / Casualty Collecting Post

CCS – Casualty Clearing Station

CCU – Combat Camera Unit (American)

CO – Commanding Officer

C/S – Colour Sergeant

DZ – Drop zone (for paratroopers)

FA – Field Ambulance, as in 181 FA

FCRE – Field Company Royal Engineers, as in 9 FCRE

Flak – AA (from the German word)

GP – Glider pilot

GPR – Glider Pilot Regiment (British)

HQ – Headquarters

LCA – Landing Craft Assault

LMG – Light machine gun

LZ – Landing zone (for gliders)

MDS – Main Dressing Station (as opposed to ADS)

MG – Machine gun

NASAF – Northwest African Strategic Air Force

OC – Officer Commanding

OR – Other Rank(s) (i.e. not officers)

PA-S – Piazzaforte Augusta-Siracusa, the fortified zone around the ports of Syracuse and Augusta

RAF – Royal Air Force

RAMC – Royal Army Medical Corps

RAP – Regimental Aid Post

RSF – Royal Scots Fusiliers

SAS – Special Air Service

SASO – Senior Air Staff Officer

S/L – Searchlight

SMO – Senior Medical Officer

SRS – Special Raiding Squadron (of 1 SAS)

2 SS – 2nd Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment

TCC – Troop Carrier Command, USAAF

TCG – Troop Carrier Group, USAAF

TCS – Troop Carrier Squadron, USAAF

TCW – Troop Carrier Wing, USAAF

U/S – Unserviceable, i.e. not working

USAAF – United States Army Air Force

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