How to Use the Operation-Ladbroke.Com Website

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Only a few recent articles (“posts”) appear in the list that appears on the right of this page. There are many more articles. How do you find the rest of them, or only some specific information?

There are several ways to see a list of every single article. Click on “All Posts” in the menu above, or “All articles and posts” on the right. Or select the category “All posts” (see below for more about categories).

To narrow down your search, you can type a word into the search box top right, then press Enter or click “Search”. This will present you with a list of every article containing that word.

If you are looking at an article, and want to see other articles which are relevant to some of the topics in it, you can click on a “Tag” at the bottom of the article. This will bring up a list of articles which have the same tag.

You can also look for articles by category, which is a grouping of similar articles. Click on the down arrow (v) at the right hand side of the “Select Category” box on the right. This presents you with a list of categories. Click on one to see a list of articles which have been classed as belonging to that category.

Categories include:

   Archive Documents: articles that contain significant excerpts from archive documents.

   Battlefield Visits: articles that have something to say about the battlefield today.

   Glider Stories: articles focusing closely on the story of a single glider.

   Gliders in WW2: articles about gliders in WW2 other than in Operation Ladbroke.

   Operation Husky: articles about the invasion of Sicily other than Operation Ladbroke.

   Operation Ladbroke: articles related to Operation Ladbroke.

   Reviews & Profiles: book reviews, & profiles of people connected with Operation Ladbroke.

   SAS Special Raiding Squadron (SRS): articles about the SAS in the invasion of Sicily.

   Photo Stories: articles about rare & interesting photos related to Operation Ladbroke.

   Veterans’ Accounts: articles containing significant excerpts written by veterans.

If you would like to see other related websites, click on “Links” in the menu above.

If you are looking for information about a family member who served in Operation Ladbroke, click on “Info for Familes” in the menu above.

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